WWeek 12, May 1

Write a short review of the film “Love Machine” and any of the discussion and questions that followed its presentation.

Do you think that robots will ever be able to genuinely be “in love”?  Do you think that will be good or bad for society?


One Response to “WWeek 12, May 1”

  1. Love Machine was a good film that showcased a lot of opinions on robots and love. I feel personally what we know about emotions and love are not set in stone. They are still up in the air topics which make the topic of robots taboo. Until we can have some universal view on these topics robot love will always be divided. I feel like part of what made love machine so great was that it was part satirical. It focused on so many characters that definitely do not seem inclined to be speaking on behalf of love, but maybe thats the point. The people thinking about these topics of robot love are only those inetrested. And though qualified to talk about robots they are unqualified to talk about love in some cases. This shoudl be a signal that more then the select few interested should be thinking about this. The whole world will use robots soon. The whole world should be thinking about robot love. I think robot love may be a good thing. Humans have so many bad qualities that are built into them from society. Robots may be programmed witha bigger picture and judge better for themselves.

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