WWeek 11, April 22

For this week’s blog entry, please submit your proposal for the final term paper.

Your proposal should include:
1) A statement of your thesis, which you will argue for and defend.
2) A statement of the main objection to your thesis, which you will respond to.
3) A summary of articles, authors and ideas which you will use in your argument.

Remember that your final papers are to be 10-15 pages (12 pt. TimesRoman, double-spaced), and will be due on Friday May 9, at 5pm, unless you make other arrangements with me by May 1st.

Papers should be submitted electronically (by email) to me at pasaro@rci.rutgers.edu, and should be in MS Word doc, or Adobe PDF format.

Remember also that this paper represents 40 points out of 100 for your semester grade.

Do not forget to comment on the blog posts of your classmates. You need at least 6 comments for the semester.


There will be NO CLASS meeting on Thursday, April 24th. I will post comments on your proposals on the 23rd, so you should use this day to work on your final papers!

Class on Tuesday, April 29th will consist in attending the showing of “Love Machine” at the English Department’s Writer’s House, Room 002, basement of Murray Hall, from 5pm-8pm. For those who cannot make it for the complete viewing, please contact me ASAP for information about an alternate viewing. You won’t want to miss it!

Our last meeting will be Thursday, May 1st. Attendance is Mandatory and there will be a short quiz. Be sure that you have read the material on Legal Rights and Robots.


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