WWeek 10, April 15

Is a sense of self is required for morality?

Are emotions required for morality, or moral reasoning?

Why or why not?


One Response to “WWeek 10, April 15”

  1. I believe sense of self is required for morality. There are three questions that Kant brings up in his critique of pure reason that humans question of themselves. What is it that we know? What ought we to do? If we do what we ought to, for what can we hope for? Ethics and morality are surrounded by these questions as well. Where self comes into play is in the last question. For what can we hope for by doing the right thing. It wouldnt make much sense to do the right thing if there were no judgement on what was right or wrong. It also wouldnt make sense to do what was right if there were no positive outcome from it. So “we” as individuals commit acts of morality in some hope of a particular outcome for ourselves or others. In this case sense of self is required.

    I do not believe emotions are required for morality. We seem to judged morality upon things that have no idea what there doing. Animals or even more relevant, things like diseases, which hurt people without even knowing; We give them some sort of moral judgement for their actions. They are not capable of emotions (animals possibly capable of displaying emotion, but maybe not understanding emotion), yet there actions are still moral or immoral. Parasitic organisms in which destroy their hosts are seen as selfish and ruthless beings. Whether or not they have “life” or not and obviously no moral reasoning, there actions are still part of the moral circle.

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