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Final paper proposal

Posted in Projects, Weekly Assignments on April 22, 2008 by wazdingo

For my final paper I would like to write about the importance of morality to humans and how a sense of self is required for this, and the inability for artificial beings to be given these qualities. I would be using the articles from weeks 11 and 12 and attempt to negate the articles from week 13 in order to show that robots can not be moral. The main objection to my paper will be about robots being able to be programmed to be moral, but I plan to show that a sense of self and others can’t be programmed, it must be developed due to its ever changing nature that is NOT random, but varies from person to person.


Midterm Proposal

Posted in Projects, Weekly Assignments on February 19, 2008 by crodan2


– 5-10 minute mixed media film, consisting of photographs, video, technical drawings, documents, original music, and narration.


The film will review the history of robots. The central theme will be a breakdown of the creative elements of robot design that could possibly contribute to “personhood” for robots.

i. Robots of the Ancient world
a. Mythical robots – Pygmalion and Cadmus
b. The Mechanical servants of Hephaestus
c. Heron of Alexandria

ii. French Designers from 16-18th century
a. Isaac de Caus (bird automata)
b. Maillard’s duck
c. Angelique du Coudray (the midwife)

iii. Japanese Design
a. Brief history of robotics in Japan
i. The tea serving robot
b. Industrial robots (1961) and beyond

iii. Modernism
a. Capek brothers – coined “robot”, RUR / sci-fi (2001: Space Odyssey and beyond)
b. Review of chessbots (“The Turk” to Deep Blue)
c. ASIMO and the beginning of the commercial revolution